synderella_x (synderella_x) wrote in suicideicons,

Rules and what ever.

1. Credit will be expected. These icons (icons only, any images/banners WILL be tagged) Are not tagged, so it would be nice if you could credit This comunity and the creator of the icon when using it
2. Comment on the post you are taking any images/icons from.
3. Upload the Images you choose to take/use to your own server (i.e Thank You.
4. The Usual rules, No form of bulying will be tolerated, If this occurs you will be deleted and banned from the community, straight out.
5.Do not take credit for icons/images you have not made. We will most probably find out and then you'd just look like a retard.
6.If you don't like any icons/images posted, keep your negative opinions to yourself, unless it is meant to be fair advice on how things can be improved or ideas.

Thank you.

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